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  • Does Trump regret his run for the White House?

    Having hesitations about a new job is fairly common and understandable. This is especially the case when one is forced to move to a new city and leave his or her family behind, only to see them occasi ..

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  • What do you think about Obama accepting a $400K speaking fee for a Wall Street speech?

    Along the campaign trail, critics on both sides of the political aisle railed against the Clintons for taking immense payments for appearances and brief discussions with Wall Street and corporate exec ..

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  • Congressional Republicans appear skeptical of Trump’s tax plan. What do you think?

    Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin has referred to the White House’s tax proposal as “the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country.” He and Gary Cohn, D ..

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  • Flynn was humiliated in his removal from National Security Advisor, but did he break the law?

    A key player in the Trump-Russia controversy is Michael Flynn, a former Trump campaign surrogate who was later appointed to National Security Advisor within the administration. His stint there was sho ..

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  • Will partisan gridlock lead to another government shutdown this week?

    Back in 2013, with Obama in the White House and each chamber of Congress controlled by a different party – Republicans holding the House and Democrats controlling the Senate – obstinate eg ..

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  • Trump dismisses the importance of the ‘100-day’ standard? What do you think about his performance thus far?

    The first 100 days of a president’s term are incredibly important for a number of reasons. Perhaps the two most important, however, are that he or she can establish the tone for a relationship w ..

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