What We Do

Political.com is a website where members can share their political views and opinions with the world. In addition to simply sharing your views and opinions, Political.com allows you to post links and photos from political news stories that are important to you. You can also create original blog posts, take polls and create or sign petitions.

At Political.com, your views and opinions matter. When you share a great article or interesting thought on Political, you can be sure that you’re reaching an audience of individuals who are as passionate about politics as you are. In addition, Political.com is the perfect place to connect with like-minded people who share your interests and are just as eager to share it with the world.


Political reports breaking news, trending news and opinion. Our stories come from many different political animals, and we always frame each news item as a question to our community - your view and your voice count.


Our "Polls" section lets users voice their opinions on major political issues. Once you've completed a poll, you can view the results and see how other members of Political.com voted on the same issue.


Our online community is dedicated to bringing together Americans of all political persuasions to discuss the issues important to our country..


In our "Blog" section, you can post your own original content and start sharing the issues that are important to you with the rest of the world. Along with original content, you can also add links to images, videos and political news stories from other sources.