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Will Trump and Ryan be able to whip up enough votes to move the American Healthcare Act through the House?

With just under one day before the House of Representatives will vote on the fate of the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, all hands are on deck to whip the necessary amount of votes fo ..


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Flynn was paid more than $30,000 by Russian propaganda arm. What do you think?

Wed - 3/17/2017

No evidence of Trump’s wiretapping claims. Are you surprised?

Wed - 3/16/2017

The hysteria over Trump’s tax returns: what happened here?

Wed - 3/15/2017

CBO finds GOP healthcare plan could increase the number of uninsured to 24 million. Will Republicans shift course?

Wed - 3/14/2017

Will the Trump White House provide evidence of wiretapping?

Wed - 3/13/2017