Petitioning Sunny and Bo Obama (and the First Family of the United States)

Make Puppy Mills History in the United States

Petition by Valarie Davis
miami, FL

The Humane Society of the United States defines a puppy mill as “an inhumane, commercial dog-breeding facility in which the health of the dogs is disregarded in order to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits.”

The majority of pet stores obtain their animals from puppy mills. However, the prospective buyer is usually kept in the dark about the history of that cute, little heartbreaker they are taking home to the kids. Puppy mills can be horrific places with breeding animals kept in stacks of wire-bottomed cages like factory chickens -- many of the breeding dogs are never let out of their cages; they are simply used to incubate puppies, season after season until they are no longer birthing enough offspring to make it worthwhile – typically, at that point, the breeding dog is killed. 

However, although awful places, most puppy mills are not actually illegal, and meet the sickeningly low standards of care that the law requires. I.E. they are given food, water and a roof above their heads. However, as we know it says nothing about having to have solid ground beneath their feet…

Since the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 we have continued to make progress in protecting God’s creatures from abuse. And, in recent years, laws have been enacted to clamp down on puppy mills, but we still have a long way to go.

By signing this petition you are asking that Bo and Sunny Obama (the Portuguese Water Dogs of the First Family of the United States) use their position to bring attention to the plight of these animals. They can shine a spotlight on the abuse and help to inform the public that, along with legislation, we can rid our nation of puppy mills by getting rid of the demand. We are asking that Bo, Sunny and the First Family send the message that by buying their next dog from a responsible, personally known and humane breeder, a rescue group or an animal shelter Americans who love animals can help put an end to the market that allows these horror factories to exist. 

Sunny and Bo Obama (and the First Family of the United States)

Bo and Sunny were lucky enough to have been brought from a respectable breeder, however many puppies raised in Puppy Mills are not so fortunate. Did you know that most puppies purchased at pet stores are separated from their maltreated mothers before they have even finished nursing? These Puppy Mills are a disgrace and should be banned.

We are asking that Bo and Sunny (along with the First Family) use their influence to promote buying puppies from a reputable breeder, a rescue group or an animal shelter.

Valarie Davis