Do you agree with Ben Carson that the GOP needs to focus on the black communities they've been neglecting?

by Maruza Ferous

  •   Monday, September 14, 2015
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Dr. Ben Carson has experienced a meteoric rise in national GOP polls over the past two weeks, and he is now biting at the heels of front-runner Donald Trump. Some political analysts believe that Carson's African American roots make him the most ideal candidate for the GOP's nomination, as he could potentially secure the black vote for a party that rarely polls above single digits with that demographic. Carson spoke with Howard Kurtz yesterday morning about the GOP's strategy for winning over black voters and for pleasing the African American community once elected.

Carson explained that the GOP needs to do a much better job at depicting their party's history as one of promoting freedom and liberty for all, regardless of skin color. He described the need to show black voters that the Republican Party already has many African Americans among its leadership and that the party “should [show Americans that they] push for hard work and self-reliance.”

Taking a shot at Obama, Carson described a reinvigorated black voter base that will not “just blindly follow someone because they say 'do what I tell you do to.'” He argued that the GOP must pay attention to the African American communities they have neglected in the past, in order to both win votes and improve the well-being of the nation altogether. 

Do you agree with Carson that the GOP must focus on black communities? 

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