What do you think about Jorge Ramos' assessment of Donald Trump's immigration plan?

by James Smith

  •   Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Following his removal from Donald Trump's press conference in Iowa for acting unruly, Univision reporter Jorge Ramos has taken it upon himself to try to expose the flaws within Trump's immigration proposal. While some accuse Ramos of "advocacy journalism" and a lack of objectiveness in his reporting, he claims that he is merely displaying the facts and figures behind the billionaire's plan.

On his Fusion show America, Ramos did the math for Trump's immigration proposal. Utilizing estimated costs and immigration data, Ramos concluded that Trump's famed wall would be a “complete waste of time and money” for the American government to pursue. He then proceeded to discuss Trump's proposal to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing within the United States.

According to Ramos, for Trump to follow through with such a massive deportation in two years, Trump would need to fill up 30+ 747 planes every single day for that time period. He estimates that it would cost upward of $137 billion, as well.

Ramos asserted that "good management" is not a feasible solution for this giant proposal, contrary to what Trump claims.

What do you think about Ramos' assessment? 

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