What do you think about Steven Colbert endorsing #BlackLivesMatter?

by James Smith

  •   Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Per the request of one of his fans, Late Show host Steven Colbert wore and displayed a bracelet reading "Black Lives Matter" while taping the show Friday night. The fan posted a collage of pictures showing Colbert wearing the bracelet onto his own Instagram account, and Colbert's endorsement of the group has since garnered significant media attention.

Fox & Friends Weekend host Tucker Carlson addressed Colbert's stunt, arguing that Colbert truly has no idea what the group stands for and merely endorsed them for attention. “It’s possible that he’s so rich, famous, celebrity guy, so totally out of touch that he doesn’t fully understand what that represents,” Carlson explained. “Do you really want to get into that your first week on the air?” he questioned. He noted that Colbert is “diving face-first into the most divisive social movement in America."

He and others then spoke about the fact that #BlackLivesMatter has incited violence against police officers across the country and that for Colbert to endorse such a group is outright shameful. 

What do you think about Colbert endorsing the group?

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