What do you think about this Georgia sheriff calling #BlackLivesMatter activists "domestic terrorists with an agenda?"

by Martiz Fernando

  •   Wednesday, September 16, 2015
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As violence toward police officers has skyrocketed in recent months, with new police deaths occurring almost every week on average, experts have tried to determine where such violence originated. Many blame racial activists for creating a culture that breeds animosity toward police officers and brainwashes malleable minds into believing that cop lives do not truly matter. As #BlackLivesMatter protesters assert that police departments are inherently racist and constantly targeting minorities, the group has convinced many that seeking revenge against law enforcement is acceptable. With that, Georgia Sheriff Butch Conway had some harsh words for #BlackLivesMatter.

Conway sent in a scathing letter for publication to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Within his piece, Conway explains that #BlackLivesMatter has acted as nothing more than a divisive force in this country, widening the racial divide with hateful rhetoric and violent actions. He attributed the rise in anti-cop violence to “fringe groups who started the culture of police hatred [and] have widened the racial divide in our country by alleging that officer-involved shootings stem from racism.” He described the danger that these “domestic terrorists with an agenda" may pose for American security, as they incite violence against those serving to protect the nation. “Their message is that police lives don’t matter, which sure sounds like a hate group to me. Anyone willing to kill a cop is capable of killing anyone. No one is safe.”

Conway expressed frustration with the fact that officers must tread lightly in their duties in order to avoid racism accusations from liberal groups. "It is my hope that every agency head shares this sentiment so that law enforcement officers don’t hesitate to protect lives because of a difference in skin color that could result in cries of racism."

Do you agree with Conway's sentiments? 

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