Do you agree with these grades for each GOP candidate's performance last night?

by Martiz Fernando

  •   Thursday, September 17, 2015
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With 11 GOP candidates on stage at the Reagan Presidential Library last night for the second national debate, each made valiant attempts to steal the spotlight at various points throughout the forum. Noteworthy debate performances often lead to higher polling results for early primary elections, and thus each candidate pushed aggressively to clearly express his or her positions on relevant issues and differentiate him or herself from the rest of the pack.

However, with such a crowded pack, it is inevitable that some will rise to the top while others sink straight to the bottom. Major news outlets will try their best to determine the winner following the debate, however many often disagree about which candidate performed the best. After watching the debate and reading the analysis of many pundits, we've decided to rank each candidate with a grade. Factors that went into our grading include overall performance, ability to differentiate positions among other candidates, willingness to directly answer moderators' questions with clear and concise responses, ability to restrain from empty, personal attacks on other candidates, and general crowd appeal.

Carly Fiorina: A+

Marco Rubio: A

Chris Christie: A

Ted Cruz: A-

Jeb Bush: B+

Dr. Ben Carson: B

Scott Walker: B-

Rand Paul: C+

John Kasich: C+

Mike Huckabee: C+

Donald Trump: C

Do you agree with these evaluations? Who won the debate?


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