Do you agree with Ben Carson that all Muslims embrace Sharia law?

by Maruza Ferous

  •   Monday, September 28, 2015
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Ben Carson has faced a media frenzy over the past week following controversial comments he made regarding a Muslim individual's capacity to serve as President of the United States. Speaking with ABC last week, Carson explained that he "would not advocate" for a Muslim in the Oval Office, as he or she would need to "subjugate" various aspects of Islam - including a belief in Sharia law dominance - before being elected. Many viewed this comment as Islamophobic, however Carson's polling position has not been damaged in the slightest. 

Carson spoke with This Week's Martha Raddatz yesterday about his controversial remarks. While Carson has clarified his comments since last week, explaining that anyone with strong religious beliefs would need to subjugate elements of his or her religion before being elected into the Oval Office and that he is not wrong in claiming that the tenets of Islam directly conflict with the U.S. Constitution, Raddatz pressed Carson on the comments regardless. She said that it was "quite clear" what Carson meant by his comments. Carson retorted that the media has misread the transcript and has blown the comments way out of proportion. 

Raddatz fired back by saying that she was reading the very transcript from Carson's interview, and she continued to press Carson on his beliefs about Islam and those who swear by its creed. “Do you assume that all Muslims embrace Sharia law?” she questioned Carson. 

The current second place GOP candidate defended his earlier remarks, asking Raddatz to show him “an approved Islamic text that opposes Sharia.” With such a comment, Carson illustrated that he does, in fact, believe that all Muslims endorse Sharia law.

Do you agree with Carson's assessment? 


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