Why is Jeb Bush the least liked GOP contender?

by James Smith

  •   Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Jeb Bush's presidential campaign has faced a myriad of bumps along the road to the White House. For one, his own last name serves as a severe detriment, as many Americans associate such a titular representation with his brother's presidency - a presidency many believe brought America to unprecedented lows. Additionally, in a race where firey candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have gained palpable momentum as a result of their flare, Bush's 'establishment-as-usual' background and lack of charisma make it tough for him to effectively hold his own. Amid these troubles, a recent poll finds that Bush is not only in a qualitative debacle with the aforementioned problems, but he is quantitatively facing a disaster. 

A Fox News poll released this weekend depicts Bush as the least favorable candidate among Republicans. As his net favorability ratings have dropped to merely +1, Bush's team must reassess their campaign strategy. In comparison, Chris Christie (a candidate that many believe will soon exit the race), has a rating of +4. Ben Carson has +50.

Additionally, a recent NBC poll finds Bush in 5th place behind Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina. The fact that he is not even winning among establishment candidates is noteworthy, as well.

While Bush has an excess of $100M in funding to spend on his campaign, it will be interesting to see if such large campaign contributions can help pull the public opinion in his direction. If not, it may be the end of Bush's campaign.

Why do you think Bush is the least liked GOP candidate? 

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