How did Bernie Sanders become the first 2016 presidential candidate to receive 1,000,000 campaign donations?

by Maruza Ferous

  •   Thursday, October 01, 2015
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Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has been predicated upon his promise to reject the massive influence that Super PACs and 'big business' have on the political process. In doing so, he has acquired tremendous support from people who are sick and tired of politics as usual and wish to see politicians in office who are not beholden to large campaign financiers. With such a platform, Sanders has raised a large amount of money from small, individual donors. In fact, he has received donations from upwards of 1,000,000 separate donors, making him the first 2016 presidential candidate to do so.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this is a record among presidential campaigns, as Sanders has out-financed President Obama in both of his campaigns. “This deadline is an opportunity to send a powerful message to the political media and the super PACs attacking us about the strength of our campaign,” wrote the campaign on Facebook. “Let’s make sure they hear us loud and clear.” They urged people to continue to donate to the campaign, writing that “we have a chance to send an unmistakable message about the size and strength of our campaign to the political media, billionaire class, and to the super PACs already attacking us.”

While the campaign has not raised as much money as that of Hillary Clinton, this significant figure shows the true strength that Sanders' campaign has garnered over the past several months along the trail.

What do you think about this milestone for Sanders' campaign? How about the fact that he was the first candidate in the race to reach this point?


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