Are you shocked that Biden will be skipping the first Democratic debate?

by James Smith

  •   Friday, October 02, 2015
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As Hillary Clinton’s polling statistics continue to fall drastically amid low trustworthiness ratings and remarkably low favorability scores, the Democratic Party is on the lookout for a moderate candidate to take Hillary’s spot in the primary race against far-Left candidate Bernie Sanders. Many have called upon Vice President Joe Biden to run for the Oval Office, as his poll numbers (without even announcing a bid) are depicting a strong candidate. However, Biden is yet to officially declare that he will run for president, as his emotional state may not be fit for the position, given the recent death of his son.

A new update along the campaign trail may be an indicator that Biden will not end up running at the end of all of this hype. According to CNN’s Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny, Biden will skip the first Democratic debate in mid-October. Zeleny furthers that Biden is likely waiting until the end of October to make a final decision about entering the race. However, in anticipation of a Biden run, CNN has included a provision in its debate criteria that would allow Biden to announce on October 13 and still enter the race.

What’s more is that a recent poll has found Biden as the strongest candidate on the Democratic side, as he would defeat nearly every Republican in the race when placed in head-to-head matchups. Still, the fact that he is deciding to skip the first debate could reveal that Biden is not planning on entering the race, after all. 

What do you think about Biden’s decision to skip the first debate? 

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