Do you agree with McCain that Trump’s actions amount to "destruction of free press"?

28 January 2016   
Do you agree with McCain that Trump’s actions amount to "destruction of free press"?

Arizona Senator John McCain and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump have been at odds ever since Trump insulted McCain about his war hero status. The American media assaulted Trump for his unpatriotic comments and speculated that his campaign would be ruined by that single comment. Well, that was last summer, and it’s clear that Trump’s campaign is here to stay. And, Trump’s beef with McCain is still very much alive as well.

Donald Trump told reporters Tuesday that he would not be participating in the Fox News Republican presidential debate tomorrow. He claimed that it was because Fox has been treating him unfairly, referring in particular to a press release that mocked his foreign policy proposals. Pundits have chimed in on the matter, some siding with Trump for his absence, while others have condemned his decision. Those who believe Trump should participate claim that Trump is simply afraid of Megyn Kelly and the prospect of facing difficult questions throughout the forum. Among those condemning Trump is John McCain.

“Anyone who is running for office and gets to pick who the moderator is, that’s the destruction of free press as we know it,” said the senator. He furthered that the media essentially gives Trump a “free pass” by allowing him to conduct interviews over the phone and by giving him the coverage he wants, regardless of the absurdity of his comments and actions.

When asked about Trump’s veterans event being held at the same time as the GOP debate, McCain was livid. “I wish he were not using a veterans event as a way to further his own political agenda.”

McCain did not mince his words when he said that Trump’s actions would bring about the “destruction of the free press.”

Do you agree that Trump’s decision to skip the debate based on the moderators is dangerous for one of America’s greatest institutions?