Can Trump overcome the perception that he is a racist?

12 April 2016   
Can Trump overcome the perception that he is a racist?

From his refusal to reject support and endorsement from a former KKK leader to the fact that black protesters are harassed and attacked at his campaign rallies, it is no secret that Donald Trump’s name has become a brand for racism and bigoted sentiment. With this widespread perception, Trump now has an unfavorability rating above 70%, meaning that 7 in 10 people simply do not like Trump or his opinions. As such, the Trump campaign must now figure out how to diminish, and eventually eradicate, the notion that their captain is a giant bigot in order to have any shot at regaining favor among voters and winning the general election in November.

Bill O’Reilly spoke with Trump about his messaging for black communities across the country, wondering how he can appeal to that voter block with his racist rhetorical history. Trump denied the existence of the perception that he is racist then furthered that his jobs message, which caters to all Americans, is inherently non-discriminatory. O’Reilly told Trump that an economic message would not be sufficient to dispel claims that he is a racist, seeing that jobs opportunities often do not make their way to low-income, minority-dominated communities.

Trump continued to speak about his ability to create jobs and boost the country’s educational standards in order to enhance employability for minorities, palpably unable to provide a concrete way that he will remove the perception that he is a racist. It is likely that his opponents on both sides of the aisle will use this as a way to attack Trump's credibility and competence to serve the entire nation.

Do you think his campaign can overcome the notion that their leader harbors racist sentiments? What will happen if they cannot?