Is Cruz about to pass Trump in national polls?

6 April 2016   
Is Cruz about to pass Trump in national polls?

With the superfluous amount of media coverage surrounding Trump’s immense success in the Republican primary race along with frequent discussions about whether he will defeat or lose to Hillary Clinton in the general election, many believe that Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination. Many analysts believe that, even if there is a brokered convention, Trump’s national popularity should be reason enough for the Republican Party to select him as the nominee. However, in the midst of the media frenzy, we have all missed Ted Cruz’s meteoric comeback, as he is now polling within single digits of Trump in national polls, and this could certainly shake up the Party’s choice for the nominee.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released yesterday depicts Cruz virtually tied with Trump on a national scale. Cruz’s 35.2% favor is within the 4.8 point margin of error to Trump’s 39.5%. In the same poll released last month, Cruz was more than 20 points behind Trump, indicating that he is certainly garnering support at a rapid pace and giving Trump a substantial run for his money.

While this may not have a direct effect on the delegate counts from each state, this may be indicative of how unbounded super-delegates will vote in the case of a brokered Republican convention. If that is the case, Trump could very well see his several-month lead vanish before his eyes.

While it is impossible to determine exactly what has led to this closing gap between Trump and Cruz, it is very possible that the recent criticism from President Obama (in which he very bluntly said that Trump knows NOTHING about foreign policy and nuclear protocol) has generated an air of skepticism around Trump’s policy proposals.

What do you think about this closing gap? Will Cruz surpass Trump in national polling?