Is the GOP Establishment planning to take the nomination away from Trump?

29 March 2016   
Is the GOP Establishment planning to take the nomination away from Trump?

It’s no secret that the GOP Establishment is mortified by the prospect of a Donald Trump nomination. Despite the fact that Trump is running for president on a Republican ticket, most true conservatives do not believe the current front-runner is a conservative at all. Pointing to his previous contributions to Democratic campaigns and the fact that many of his policy proposals are not even slightly in line with the Republican Party’s platform, Establishment Republicans are doing everything in their power to prevent Trump from securing the nomination. While there has been speculation in recent weeks that the Party would alter its own internal guidelines to fight Trump at the convention in July, it was never substantiated. However, as Trump’s momentum continues to shake the nation, it appears that significant rules changes may be on the horizon for Republicans in a last ditch effort to beat the brash billionaire.

Karl Rove, the famed Republican political adviser, spoke with Fox's Eric Bolling about Trump’s success. When asked about whether the Party would attempt to alter its convention rules in an attempt to combat Trump’s success, Rove avoided the question. He claimed that there may be “cosmetic” changes to convention rules but that none of them would be “substantive.” He proceeded to dismiss Bolling’s questions about the matter as “paranoia” that was entirely unwarranted.

Rove’s ambiguous answer seems to indicate that the Party will make substantial changes to its rules in order to thwart a Trump nomination. Trump will more than likely respond to this in coming days, using it as an opportunity to condemn the Establishment and promote his ‘outsider’ appeal.

Do you think the Republican Party will change its rules to prevent Trump from winning its nomination?