Is Kasich the GOP’s only chance at stopping Hillary in November?

21 March 2016   
Is Kasich the GOP’s only chance at stopping Hillary in November?

With so much media attention devoted to Donald Trump’s outrageousness and political debauchery, it was difficult for other GOP candidates to receive much-needed press coverage throughout the primary season. Americans were paying less attention to candidates with serious policy proposals and more attention to Trump, simply because the media was forcing the businessman into every headline and feature. As this has been the case, many have grown overly focused on the minutiae of the GOP primary race and have forgotten entirely about the most important vote: the general election in November.

It appears, as of this point, that Hillary Clinton will secure the Democratic party’s nomination. According to RealClearPolitics, Clinton will handedly defeat Trump in a general election, securing a seat in the Oval Office by a 6.3% margin. While the media has been devoting all of its time to Trump, pundits and politicos have lost sight of who the GOP candidate should be in order to defeat Hillary in November. RealClearPolitics also finds that a general election between Hillary and Ted Cruz would be a toss-up, as the two are within a single percentage point of each other in polling averages.

John Kasich, however, the current GOP candidate who has received the least media coverage, would defeat Hillary. The Ohio governor would beat Clinton by 7.4% of the vote, securing the GOP’s place in the White House for the next four years. Kasich even spoke about this in a preview of his Face the Nation sitdown with John Dickerson. When asked about whether or not he should drop out of the race, Kasich asked, “Why don’t they drop out? I’m the one that can win in the fall.”

“I can win in the fall, they cannot. Now, either we want to beat Hillary Clinton or we don’t,” Kasich furthered. As current polling stands, he is absolutely right. The GOP must shift its focus away from Trump and Cruz in order to see the bigger picture here. If they truly wish to win back the White House this year, they should devote their resources to the candidate with the greatest chance at defeating the Democratic candidate, not the one who makes absurd headlines with his bigotry and nonsensical policy proposals.

What do you think about the fact that Kasich is the only candidate who can beat Hillary in the general election?