Are you outraged that Ann Coulter has said she "would like to see more violence" from Trump supporters?

14 March 2016   
Are you outraged that Ann Coulter has said she "would like to see more violence" from Trump supporters?

This weekend marked an incredibly interesting point for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. On Friday night, Trump was expected to appear at a rally in Chicago, however thousands of protesters arrived at the venue and canceled the event. Rallies in Missouri were also disrupted over the weekend by crowds of protesters who are palpably upset with Trump’s messaging and rhetoric. In the face of this staunch opposition from the public, however, Trump has not weakened his xenophobic, bigoted stances in the slightest; rather, he has only increased the tensions by exacerbating his own positions and claims.

Trump has since accused Bernie Sanders of encouraging his supporters to attend Trump’s rallies and protest for hours in order to shut them down. He also claimed this weekend that anyone protesting his rallies should be arrested, noting that the country would be better off if it cracked down on dissent and political opposition. While this sounds like a page out of Communist China’s playbook, please keep in mind that this man is leading the Republican Party at the moment and could very well be the next president of the United States of America.

The GOP front-runner has also offered to pay the legal fees for one of his supporters who sucker-punched a protester at a rally earlier this month, which, understandably so, has sparked outrage and frustration among both Trump supporters and critics alike.

To make matters worse, Ann Coulter, Trump’s longtime friend and supporter, has issued her two cents on the matter. Coulter is notoriously inflammatory, and one can expect most of the statements that come out of her mouth to make any tense issue far worse than it originally was. However, her most recent comment is among the most absurd we have seen from Coulter in quite some time.

Tweeting about the recent violence and protests at Trump events, Coulter said that she “would like to see a little more violence from the innocent Trump supporters set upon by violent leftist hoodlums.” Not only did Coulter issue an incorrect, blanketed description of Trump critics as being violent, leftist hoodlums, she also incited more violence, as though THAT was what the Trump campaign needed right now.

Despite the absurdity, Trump will unlikely condemn Coulter and her remark, seeing that he could not even dismiss support from a former leader of the KKK.

Are you outraged that Coulter has called for more violence at Trump’s rallies?