Is Marco Rubio preparing to exit the presidential race?

10 March 2016   
Is Marco Rubio preparing to exit the presidential race?

The question over whether or not Marco Rubio will remain in the race for the Republican nomination has been a hot item in the media this week. CNN reported early in the week that Rubio’s top advisors were encouraging him to exit the race amidst poor polling and the very real possibility that he may even lose to Trump in his home state of Florida. Alex Conant, a lead spokesperson for the Rubio campaign denounced these claims immediately, stating that CNN had not, in fact, spoken to anyone working within the campaign and thus could not make those claims with any sort of validity. While the issue appeared to be put to rest after Conant’s address, it has resurfaced with another report finding that Rubio may even exit the race prior to the Florida primaries if his polling continues to be unfavorable.

Citing Rubio’s top donors, Fox Business reported yesterday that Rubio will suspend his campaign prior to Florida’s primary election on March 15th, so long as his poll numbers in the state do not increase before then. "They’re saying barring some better polling… he will likely suspend before Florida. That’s what his money-men here in New York City are telling me,” said a Fox anchor. “The feeling is despair. We talk about paths to victory. This is what his guys are saying; they don’t see a path to victory and they think it’s better to get out sooner rather than later.”

Fox also reported that Rubio has several anti-Trump ads ready to roll out before the primary as a last ditch effort to salvage polling numbers and topple Trump’s strength and momentum.

Alex Conant has denounced this new report as well, however without the same fervor as he did the CNN report, indicating that there may be more validity to this one.

Do you think Rubio will exit the race soon?