Which candidates will be forced to exit the race after Super Tuesday primaries?

1 March 2016   
Which candidates will be forced to exit the race after Super Tuesday primaries?

The primary elections up to this point have had remarkable effects on both the Democratic and Republican races for the nomination. On the GOP side, a field with nearly twenty candidates is now down to a meager five candidates. On the Democratic side, a race of five is now down to two. As poor polling and absent funding forced many candidates to realize that they had little to no chance at securing their respective party’s nomination, Super Tuesday is bound to have a parallel effect.

With twelve state primaries being held throughout the country today, there are hundreds of delegates to be won. According to the most recent national polls, Trump is leading the Republican race by a 30 point margin, and Hillary is leading on the Democratic side by a strong 17% of the vote. As such, each candidate is hoping to secure their national leads with successes in key primary states today. Republicans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are hoping to have at least a few victories throughout the day in order to keep themselves in the running for the nomination. Sanders, who had been putting up a strong fight against Clinton until being swept in South Carolina this weekend, is in a similar position.

Both John Kasich and Ben Carson are currently polling in the single digits in the majority of the states holding elections on Super Tuesday, and while the candidates have expressed resilience and hope that this could turn in later primaries, today could have a major effect on their campaigns. They could very well decide that there is not enough of a chance to win to remain in the race, and as such, they may suspend their campaigns. Again, while they have not stated that this will be the case, neither did the other candidates that exited the race after earlier primaries this year.

Sanders, according to a CNN report, has rock-bottom expectations for Super Tuesday. However, as the race turns toward the Midwestern and Northern states in coming weeks, Sanders could very well find the success he needs to continue to give Clinton a run for her money.

Which candidates will see success throughout Super Tuesday? Do you think any candidates will suspend their campaigns tonight?