Is it time for Carson to drop out of the presidential race?

24 February 2016   
Is it time for Carson to drop out of the presidential race?

Just months ago, way before any primary elections were even on the horizon, Ben Carson’s presidential campaign appeared to be the one that would give Trump a run for his money. In several polls, Carson was depicted as within only several percentage points of Trump in key primary states and was even shown as winning in Iowa at one point. Unfortunately for Dr. Carson, however, that is far from the case today. After numerous blunders and poor performances in the GOP presidential debates as well as countless displays of a lack of foreign policy knowledge and expertise, Carson’s campaign is tanking rapidly.

In each of the four primaries that have been held thus far, Carson has yet to poll in the double digits. In the most recent indicator of electoral support, yesterday’s Nevada caucuses, Carson did not even break the 5% mark, polling at a meager 4.8% and securing just a single delegate.

His campaign has been plagued by poor management, as he has had to fire his campaign manager and other vital staff members since the onset of the presidential race. It was then disclosed that his campaign was spending its funds in a highly irresponsible fashion, which did not help his appeal to donors or the American people.

He has been out of the media spotlight as of late, as well, given that his campaign is largely irrelevant at this point. He has, however, appeared on several political talk shows in recent days. While this may seem like a positive step for Carson, one need only understand why he went on the shows to see that that is not the case. On these shows, Carson has been asked why he has not yet dropped out of the presidential race. Top political pundits are baffled that Carson is continuing to spend campaign funds and waste essential resources on a race that he has no chance at winning.

The fact that the primary reason for inviting him onto their shows has been to question his presence in the race clearly indicates a significant problem for Carson and his team. As a result, as they move into Super Tuesday and additional primaries, it is more than likely that they will soon begin to wind down the campaign amidst poor polling results.

Do you believe it is time for Carson to suspend his campaign?