Will Cruz unseat Trump for the national lead?

18 February 2016   
Will Cruz unseat Trump for the national lead?

Donald Trump has been leading the GOP race since last summer, experiencing only small and ephemeral drops in his numbers on occasion but ultimately maintaining his front-runner status. His massive win in New Hampshire suggested to many that his national polling success could also prevail in each state, allowing the brash business mogul to win the nomination. The most recent national poll, however, indicates otherwise.

The latest NBC/WSJ poll shows Trump trailing behind Ted Cruz, who has been making a gradual ascent in the polls for just over a month now. Cruz is depicted as the national Republican front-runner with 28% of the vote, while Trump is the runner-up with just 26%. Rubio then follows with 17%, and Kasich maintains 11%.

Additionally, only 56% of respondents claimed that they could see themselves supporting Trump, while that figure was 65% for Cruz and 70% for Rubio.

In head-to-head matchups, Trump’s chances at the nomination appear even more dismal. Against Cruz, Trump would lose 56-40. To Rubio, Trump would lose 57-41.

With Cruz’s new national lead, the upcoming primary elections will hold even more weight for the Republican race. If Cruz can garner substantial support in each state, Trump’s national polling could fall even farther, and it may be enough to push him out of the race entirely. Given that Trump often buttresses his own arguments and policies with claims that he is winning the polls, the possibility of his demise appears even more probable.

What do you think about Cruz leading in the latest national polls?