New Hampshire exit polls indicate overwhelming support for Trump’s ban on Muslims. Are you shocked?

10 February 2016   
New Hampshire exit polls indicate overwhelming support for Trump’s ban on Muslims. Are you shocked?

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been an incessant media display, as his brash remarks and outlandish policies receive around-the-clock media coverage from America’s biggest outlets. While some pundits predicted that the media frenzy surrounding Trump would collapse back in July 2015, the fact that Trump is still far ahead in national GOP polls indicates that the candidate is undoubtedly here to stay. In fact, his victory in New Hampshire’s primary last night suggests that he has a VERY real chance at winning the Party’s nomination, despite frequent claims from critics that he will diminish his lead. But, perhaps the greatest indicator of Trump’s resilience as a candidate comes from the New Hampshire exit polls, more so than the primary itself.

According to the exit surveys taken by voters leaving the New Hampshire polls on Tuesday, Republicans in the state favor Trump’s ban on Muslims on a 66% to 33% margin. Yes, 2/3 of New Hampshire’s Republican voters believe that the United States should ban all Muslims entry into the country. This suggests that, while the media has portrayed Trump to be an outlandish, unreasonable candidate, the general populace supports his policies by a wide margin. While the efficacy of such a policy is not to be judged here, it is certainly fair to conclude that Trump’s policies are sitting well with voters and that his momentum is maintaining its strength as a result.

Additional polls reveal that Republican voters are highly concerned with the nation’s current economic position and its stance toward terrorism. Furthermore, many reported that they felt betrayed by the current Republican Establishment, and that can certainly explain Trump’s success in the key primary state.

Are you shocked that 66% of New Hampshire GOP voters favor Trump’s ban on Muslims?