Did "biased media" coverage help Carson’s campaign raise $3.5M?

9 November 2015   
Did "biased media" coverage help Carson’s campaign raise $3.5M?

The media has bashed the current GOP presidential runner-up Ben Carson heavily this past week. There have been several reports from Politico, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN that Carson has lied egregiously about his past, and due to his recent surge in the polls against Donald Trump (passing him in some), the media has started to cover the neurosurgeon with much greater scrutiny. However, this harsh scrutiny seems to have minimal effects on Carson’s campaign – in fact, it has helped.

Carson tweeted earlier this weekend that the “biased media” coverage surrounding his candidacy has actually been an enhancement as opposed to a detriment. “We the People have made 10,000 donations each day this week, raising $3.5M this week alone. Thank you biased media.”

Carson has taken several shots at this “biased media” in the past, condemning their coverage as being unfair and unreasonably harsh toward him. However, it now seems as though he has praise for the media, as the undue criticism has now led to increased fundraising (millions, to be specific) and support for Carson.

Do you believe the biased media coverage has helped Carson’s campaign? Is the media biased against Carson?