What do you think of Trump referring to 9/11 as 7/11?

19 April 2016   
What do you think of Trump referring to 9/11 as 7/11?

Donald Trump has championed himself as the best candidate to take on terror threats from abroad and from within America’s own borders. From his immigration stance that would limit the ability of undocumented immigrants to potentially reach America’s shores and invoke terror to his insistence on interrogation methods worse than waterboarding, it is no secret that Trump would spearhead this nation’s “war on terror.” As such, one would expect Trump to be familiar with one of the most significant terror attacks on U.S. soil in history: 9/11. However, at a campaign event in New York, of all places, Trump committed an atrocious gaffe when speaking about the heinous attacks.

Trump, speaking before a crowd of supporters in New York yesterday, accidentally referred to the 9/11 terror attacks as 7/11. While it is still unclear as to how anyone could make such a mistake, Trump did not even bother to correct himself at the moment, continuing to speak as though he did not even make a mistake to begin with.

This is particularly offensive, given Trump’s repeated comments about how he was part of the reconstruction process in New York City following the attacks. It appears now, however, that Trump has too much on his mind to even correctly refer to the event, not to mention adequately convey the truth about his involvement in its wake.

What do you think about Trump’s gaffe? Could this affect him in New York’s primary?