What do you think about Hillary finally reaching out to Bernie supporters?

20 April 2016   
What do you think about Hillary finally reaching out to Bernie supporters?

What was originally supposed to be a shoe-in nomination for Hillary Clinton turned into a hotly contested race for the Democratic Party’s nod, as self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders garnered substantial momentum throughout the months leading up to the primary season and even more throughout the actual state-wide elections. As such, Hillary’s campaign decided they needed to pull out all stops to thwart Sanders’ momentum in order to not risk losing the nomination, and they have been doing so lately with direct jabs at Sanders’ qualifications and policy proposals. Sanders has retaliated with direct attacks at Clinton’s corrupt background and scandal-ridden history as well. In a slight turn of events tonight, however, Clinton reached out to Sanders’ supporters and found common ground, seeking unity over division leading up to the general election in the Fall.

After winning the New York primary race tonight, Clinton addressed a large crowd of fans in New York City. In a rare moment, Clinton took a chance to speak to Sanders supporters. “To all the people who supported Senator Sanders, I believe there is much more that unites us than divides us.” She furthered that a “progressive tradition” has worked wonders for America in recent years and that she intends to continue such policies from the White House.

As she reached out to Sanders’ supporters, she positioned herself above their candidate, claiming that “it’s not enough to diagnose problems” and that she has actual solutions to address many of the issues Sanders has spoken about along the campaign trail. This could prove to be an incredibly successful strategy for Clinton leading up to the general election, as she can swing Bernie voters by promising his message with more concrete policies to back it, regardless of whether or not it is genuine or legitimate.

What do you think about Clinton reaching out to Sanders supporters?