If Trump loses at the convention, do Democrats win?

15 April 2016   
If Trump loses at the convention, do Democrats win?

With a tightly contested Republican primary race between Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump, pundits and analysts have been entertaining the possibility of a brokered convention, whereby a single candidate does not reach the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination prior to the Republican National Convention in July. In that case, a larger portion of Super-delegates are free to vote differently than their districts did in the statewide primaries until a single candidate receives the 1,237 delegates needed for the Party’s nod. The fact that this is even up for discussion is interesting, as it is incredibly rare to have a brokered convention; since 1856, there have been only 10 Republican conventions in which a single candidate has not entered with the majority of delegates.

With all of this political discourse surrounding a potentially brokered convention, many are wondering what could come of the GOP nomination. Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, claims that if Trump loses, then the Democrats will win BIG. She claimed that she is anticipating a Democratic victory regardless of the Republican selection, however the margin will be increased substantially if Trump is not the candidate. “If they reject the public will, they will really hand us a bigger victory than I’m even anticipating now, because that will be an implosion of the Republican Party.”

Many Establishment Republicans and Trump critics are seeking out any and all options to thwart Trump at the convention, contemplating a potential Romney run or the entrance of another well-reputed Republican figurehead. If Pelosi is right about the nomination, however, this could prove to be wildly problematic for the future of the GOP.

Do you agree with Pelosi that Trump needs to win the nomination for the GOP to even have a chance at the White House? If he doesn’t win, will there be an “implosion” of the Party?