What do you think about Larry King claiming Trump is not a racist?

13 April 2016   
What do you think about Larry King claiming Trump is not a racist?

When Donald Trump refused to dismiss an endorsement from David Duke, a former KKK leader, earlier this year, it was nearly impossible for anyone to claim that he did not harbor at least some racist tendencies. Earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly, who typically defends Trump, berated Donald with questions about how he will be able to overcome his racist reputation in time to win a general election. Trump claimed that he is not a racist and that the American people do not even believe that he is, then he spoke about his plans to create jobs across all ethnic lines. On the same matter, Larry King has now defended Trump, claiming that the Republican front-runner is not racist at all.

Speaking with Steve Kornacki yesterday afternoon, Larry King said that he can only “partially” recognize Trump beneath his rhetoric and the media coverage surrounding it. King, who has known Trump for several years now, believes that Trump does not actually harbor any racist or bigoted opinions but is rather using edgy rhetoric to appeal to a voter base that will accept and appreciate it. “He is really a good guy. He’s not a racist guy - he’s not, he plays to that crowd.”

As a well-respected journalist, King’s opinion matters to many Americans. While a single opinion may not be sufficient to convince voters that Trump is not truly racist, it is possible that more reputed individuals will come out in defense of Trump’s character and have an effect on public perception of the Republican leader.

What do you think about King’s defense of Trump? Will this mean anything for Trump’s campaign?