Is Sanders open to the possibility of forming a Dream Ticket with Hillary Clinton?

26 April 2016   
Is Sanders open to the possibility of forming a Dream Ticket with Hillary Clinton?

Discussions surrounding whom the leading presidential candidates would select to be their VPs have dominated the political scene for several weeks now. Many experts believe that on the Republican side, Trump’s pick for VP has the potential to make or break his entire campaign. On the Democratic side, with such a tightly contested race between Sanders and Clinton, many are contemplating the possibility that current front-runner Hillary picks close runner-up Sanders to join her on her ticket for the White House. When this notion was brought up with Sanders on Sunday, he shut it down, saying that he is not focused on the VP race and is concerned instead with helping America’s middle class. When the matter was then brought up last night, at an MSNBC townhall event, Sanders seemed to loosen his stance.

Senator Sanders was asked if he would entertain the prospect of being on Hillary Clinton’s ticket or having her join his, should he win the nomination. Rather than avoiding the issue altogether and buttressing his own platforms (as he did on Sunday), Sanders seemed open to the prospect of a joint ticket. “We are running as hard as we can to win this thing, and at the end of the process we’ll take a look at what’s going on, but right now my job is to get as many delegates as possible and try to win the nomination for President.” That certainly is not a “no.”

By saying that he would “take a look at what’s going on” after the nomination process, Sanders is implying that if he is to lose the nomination, he might be interested in seeking a VP position on the winning ticket.

When Hillary Clinton was asked a similar question at an event last night, she slammed Sanders for not helping down-ticket Democrats raise funds for their campaigns and did not give an explicit answer as to whether she would consider having Sanders on her ticket or whether she would join his. However, her decision to attack Sanders when asked that question may be an indication of her feelings on the matter.

What do you think about Sanders opening up to the idea of joining Hillary’s ticket? What do you think about Hillary’s reluctance to the idea?