Just days after Cruz and Kasich announce an unprecedented alliance, why did Carly Fiorina call on Kasich to drop out of the race?

29 April 2016   
Just days after Cruz and Kasich announce an unprecedented alliance, why did Carly Fiorina call on Kasich to drop out of the race?

With Donald Trump nearing the amount of delegates necessary to secure the nomination prior to the Republican convention this summer, Ted Cruz and John Kasich announced earlier this week that they would be engaging in a joint campaign to thwart Donald’s momentum. The gist of the deal is that Kasich would not campaign in Indiana, allowing Cruz to have a greater chance at winning what is proving to be the most important primary election of the cycle. Effectively, if Trump secures all of Indiana’s 57 delegates, he is almost guaranteed to reach the magic 1,237 that would prevent a brokered convention. If he does not, however, win Indiana, the probability of him meeting that number is incredibly slim, and thus a brokered convention would be a very feasible way to prevent Trump from winning the nomination. With the importance of Indiana’s primary, Kasich would step aside, allow Cruz’s campaign to do everything possible to stop Trump in that state and in turn receive Cruz’s guarantee to not campaign in New Mexico and Oregon, allowing Kasich to win in those states.

The announcement was unprecedented, and many thought this would be the biggest political news of the week, perhaps the election. They were very wrong. Just two days ago, Ted Cruz announced that he has picked his vice presidential candidate – despite the fact that he does not have the nomination. At a rally in Indianapolis, Cruz announced that Carly Fiorina would be his running mate, if he is to secure the Party nod. The campaign shifted its branding to include Fiorina’s name, and they are campaigning together in Indiana leading up to Tuesday’s primary.

While this appeared to be a smart move on behalf of the Cruz campaign, it is quickly becoming problematic. In an interview with MSNBC, Carly said that she thinks Kasich should drop out of the race, which shows a complete and utter lack of organization within the Cruz campaign’s messaging. “He didn’t get the memo. When you can’t win, you need to get out,” said Carly about Kasich.

This means one of two things. Either Carly is wildly unfamiliar with Cruz’s campaign strategy, or they have realized that their strategy with Kasich was going to be a substantial failure. Either way, both possibilities are terrible.

What will this mean for the Cruz/Carly ticket? Will this help Trump secure Indiana and ultimately the nomination?