Trump announces that he won’t be self-funding general election campaign. Thoughts?

5 May 2016   
Trump announces that he won’t be self-funding general election campaign. Thoughts?

Part of Donald Trump’s appeal to the average American voter has been his promise to avoid the influence of financiers who entangle themselves in campaigns in order to attain benefits and favors once their candidate is elected into office. In countless interviews, Trump supporters have claimed that the fact that Trump is financially beholden to none other than himself is one of the primary reasons they support the billionaire. Whether or not it is even true can be debated at length, but that is fairly insignificant in context of Trump’s latest announcement.

After winning Indiana just two days ago and subsequently securing the last seat in the GOP primary race, it appears that Trump is going back on his self-funding promises in favor of large campaign donations from outside donors.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Trump admitted that he’ll “be putting up money, but won’t be completely self-funding, as [he] did during the primaries.” He furthered that he would do everything in his power to transform his campaign into a “world-class finance organization” in order to handedly defeat his Democratic opponent in November.

Then, speaking with NBC News, Trump expressed optimism about the level of funding his campaign could receive. “We’ll try to raise over $1 billion, which is what’s going to be necessary. I hear the Democrats maybe will get as high as $2 billion. But we want to raise up to $1 billion, maybe even over that. I’m not even sure that’s necessary because I have a big voice.” He also expressed that he would be working with the RNC to raise these campaign funds.

With this, it is clear that Trump will likely renege on many of the campaign promises he had made throughout the primaries. Now that he has effectively positioned himself as the GOP nominee, he can ease up on many of the hot-button items about which he had assured voters in recent months and cater to more moderate constituents. He can still garner the very conservative voters, but now he will be doing everything in his power to look and sound like a typical politician, so that voters on the fence might feel more comfortable putting him into a position of power.

What do you think about Trump’s campaign finance announcement?