Are you surprised that Hillary is receiving an onslaught of support from Republicans?

9 May 2016   
Are you surprised that Hillary is receiving an onslaught of support from Republicans?

Pundits and analysts predicted that the race for the GOP nomination would end last Tuesday, following Indiana’s primary election. After Trump secured the Hoosier state’s 57 delegates, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their presidential campaigns, leaving only Trump remaining in contention for the nomination. Establishment Republicans were disappointed, to say the least, as they saw their enemy-from-within effectively secure his position as the candidate to run against Hillary Clinton in November and, in doing so, tear apart the GOP. Republicans have built up so much anger and frustration toward Trump’s momentum and success, in fact, that they have turned to a previously unconsidered option for solace: Hillary Clinton herself.

Speaking with Face the Nation this weekend, Hillary said that “a lot” of Republican leaders and supporters have been reaching out to her campaign in recent days, since it became clear that Trump would be the nominee. “I’ve had a lot of outreach from Republicans in the last days who say they are interested in talking about [working with our campaign.]”

Many Republicans have promised not to support Trump, insofar as they believe he does not stand for the conservative values espoused by the Party. It appears that these voters are looking to Hillary to take down Trump and prevent him from stepping foot in the Oval Office or laying a finger on the nuclear codes.

When asked about Republicans who do not like Trump but are still heavily skeptical of the Clinton campaign, Hillary explained that she is the only substantive candidate in the race and that she has a “track record of getting results.”

What do you think about Hillary receiving support from Republican constituents? Does this indicate that Trump has little to no chance at winning the general election in November?