What do you think about Mark Cuban raising concerns over Trump’s candidacy?

17 May 2016   
What do you think about Mark Cuban raising concerns over Trump’s candidacy?

Mark Cuban is unquestionably regarded as one of America’s top business moguls. However, despite this entrepreneurial status, his outspoken demeanor is perhaps his most famous trait. His outspokenness has now entered the political arena, as he has been commenting on Donald Trump’s candidacy without holding back any bit of criticism.

Speaking with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Cuban addressed Donald Trump’s qualifications (or lack thereof) for the Oval Office. When asked about the economic ramificaitons of a Trump presidency, Cuban confirmed that he believes the market would crash under his watch. He claimed that the Republican candidate’s inability to remain consistent on his stances on various crucial issues would be disastrous for Wall Street. He said that the constant flip-flopping would “really turn Wall Street up and down.” He then went on to discuss broader issues within Trump’s campaign, such as inconsistencies on immigration and jobs creation platforms. 

“Where Donald has come from to today, you would think that he would be more knowledgeable on the issues,” said Cuban, implying that Trump simply has not done his homework on major policy proposals or ideas. He furthered that the American people expected Trump to research extensively on important topics and gain some insight and nuance into the major issues facing the nation. “But that just hasn’t happened,” he said. “And to me, that’s a problem.”

Do you agree with Cuban’s sentiment that Trump would be wildly problematic for the nation’s economy? Do you believe Trump has not done the research necessary to have a firm grasp on complex issues?