Will Bernie Sanders shape the future of the Democratic Party?

24 May 2016   
Will Bernie Sanders shape the future of the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders’ ardent support base has, as of late, come to realize that their candidate will likely not be representing the Democratic Party come November. With Hillary’s delegate count nearing the 2,383 necessary to secure the nomination, it appears inevitable that she will secure the Party’s nod and knock Sanders from the race prior to the convention. With this, Sanders supporters are disenchanted, feeling as though the man they expected to save America from its political gridlock and rampant corruptness in government has fallen victim to the very system he has aimed to up-end. However, despite their discontentment with the turnout of the Democratic primary race, a new report shows that those who espouse Sanders’ beliefs and ideals may actually have secured a major victory in this election cycle.

According to a report from the Washington Post, Sanders will be able to appoint five representatives to a 15-person committee to design the Democratic Party platform. Clinton will be able to appoint six representatives. This shows just how close the popular vote was between the two candidates, as the number of representatives appointed corresponds to the percentage of popular vote won.

Per the report, “DNC rules allow the chairman to pick the entire slate of 15 people who govern the platform that will be presented at the party convention in July.

The change was made to be inclusive of Sanders supporters after the strong liberal challenge he mounted during a long and sometimes bitter primary.” The fact that the Democratic Party is formally recognizing the success and momentum of the Sanders campaign is significant enough as it is, and the fact that Sanders will have substantial influence over the Party platform is even more important.

This could be Sanders’ opportunity to enact many of the changes he wished to see in the country through the Democratic Party. While most candidates do not pay much attention to the actual party platform, the fact that Sanders’ ideals will be present within it is should certainly represent a step in the right direction in the eyes of Sanders and his supporters.

Will Sanders be able to shape the Democratic Party?