Are mosques hiding something if they do not agree to have surveillance?

14 June 2016   
Are mosques hiding something if they do not agree to have surveillance?

Following the heinous violence that took place in Orlando over the weekend, pundits and politicians have taken to the media to provide what they believe to be solutions to the underlying problems which led to such a massacre. Some claim that gun control is the answer, while others take a different approach entirely, claiming that radical Islam is to blame here and that it must be eliminated. Among those in the latter camp is Rudy Giuliani, former Republican New York City Mayor. Giuliani has been hyper-critical of radical Islam in the past, and his latest remarks are no deviation from the norm.

Speaking on Fox & Friends this morning, Giuliani addressed the topic of surveillance in mosques, a proposal that has been brought up by several politicians in the wake of mass shootings by radical Muslims, including Donald Trump. He explained that congregations and leaders from other faiths have no objections to surveillance, as they appreciate the opportunity to teach the officers in their religious scriptures. “There’s no minister, there’s no rabbi in this city — nor are there some imams — that object to having police officers in their congregation,” he noted. “In fact, they want them there, they want them to learn the message. It’s enlightening for them.”

He went on to say that since many mosques reject to having surveillance, they must be hiding something from the general public. “So if you’ve got nothing going on there but a beautiful religious service, why in His name would you not want to have police officers there?”

This will likely stoke outrage among Giuliani’s liberal critics who believe that his hardline stances on issues such as these are deleterious for the country. However, what will be even more interesting is the way the presidential candidates respond to this, as Trump will likely endorse the proposal, while Hillary and Bernie will condemn it as bigoted, leading to another division amongst the candidates.

What do you think about Giuliani’s claims?