Are these latest poll figures terrible news for Trump’s chances?

15 June 2016   
Are these latest poll figures terrible news for Trump’s chances?

If you’ve ever listened to Donald Trump speak at a rally or in an interview, you’ve certainly heard him talk about how much “people like him.” If he is ever called out for a racist remark, he is quick to talk about how much African American voters like him. If he makes a questionable comment about Mexicans, he is sure to explain how much Latino voters support his campaign and endorse his presidential run. And, despite qualitative and anecdotal evidence suggesting that Trump is not as well-liked as he may assume, a new poll finds quantitative data to support this. Not only do the findings show that Trump is not as well-liked as he claims, but it shows just how much people hate him.

The latest Washington Post / ABC News poll finds that Trump’s unfavorability ratings are through the roof. A whopping 70% of Americans view the presumptive Republican nominee as unfavorable. Clinton, by comparison, who also struggles in this area, has only 55% disapproval.

Broken down by demographics, the results are as follows:

73% disapproval among moderates, 77% among women, 89% among Hispanics, 88% among nonwhites, 75% among voters under the age of 40, 59% among white voters, 71% among white college graduates, 67% among white women, 52% among white men, and 53% among non-college whites.

One demographic that does favor Trump, however, is non-college white men. Even then, though, that is only a 52% favorability, which is incredibly slim.

With this, it’s clear that Trump’s confidence in how much every single demographic loves him is baseless beyond belief.

Stacked up against Clinton, it appears that Trump is tanking. The Washington Post points out that Hillary is “viewed favorably among women by 51-47, among Hispanics by 64-34, and among nonwhites by 66-32. While she is viewed unfavorably by 59 percent of white college grads, which is bad, Trump fares worse, at 71 percent. And while Trump is in a deep hole among moderates, Clinton is tied among them at 49-49.”

What do you think about this latest poll? Does this depict what is in store for Trump?