What do you think about Trump’s latest proposal to curb terrorism?

20 June 2016   
What do you think about Trump’s latest proposal to curb terrorism?

In the wake of the tragic Orlando massacre, the political floodgates were opened, as politicians debated the root causes of the incident, deliberating over whether terrorism or lax gun regulations were to blame. As some congressional members filibuster for gun control and others condemn Obama for being weak on radical Islam, the presidential candidates have also offered their opinions on the matter. Predictably, Clinton made the issue one about gun regulation, arguing that the United States government needed to work toward sensible weapons regulations in order to prevent similar attacks from taking place in the future. Trump, however, was quick to take the anti-terror route, tweeting out that supporters were congratulating him for being right about the need to ban Muslims from the country. Trump also said this weekend that he has a new plan to halt terror.

While speaking with Face the Nation’s John Dickerson, Trump expressed his frustration with the political correctness movement that he believes is preventing people from calling out suspicious activity that may be linked to terror, as was the case in the Orlando incident and others prior. The presumptive Republican nominee then said that he was unsure as to whether Muslims should be scrutinized on principle whenever they attempt to buy a gun, which brought him to his new plan: blanket profiling.

“I hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads,” Trump explained. “We really have to look at profiling. We have to look at it seriously. Other countries do it, and it’s not the worst thing to do,” he furthered.

This comment will surely be used by Hillary Clinton’s team to portray Trump as a radical bigot throughout the race for the White House, and the media will most certainly harangue Trump for the comment as well.

What do you think about Trump’s proposal to racially profile Muslims?