What sort of changes can we expect from Trump’s campaign now that he has fired his campaign manager?

21 June 2016   
What sort of changes can we expect from Trump’s campaign now that he has fired his campaign manager?

When Corey Lewandowski aggressively grabbed the arm of then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields back in March, after she tried to ask Donald Trump a question, the bruises on her arm led many to call for Lewandowski’s removal from his position as Trump’s campaign manager. Despite the criticisms and calls for resignation, Lewandowski remained on the team, and Trump defended his right-hand man. Just four months later, after helping the real estate mogul secure the Republican nomination, Lewandowski is packing up his things and departing from the Trump campaign on short notice, leading many to ask: why?

Some covering yesterday’s announcement that Lewandowski had been fired from the campaign believe that the campaign manager had been at odds with the Trump family, reportedly trying to besmirch Trump’s son-in-law and daughter in the press. While Lewandowski denies that claim vehemently, it is still certainly a possibility. Others see a more politically motivated reasoning, arguing that Lewandowski’s ‘let Trump be Trump’ attitude and gameplan was sufficient only for the primary election and that a new vision would be necessary for a general election. This latter option seems more probable, especially given Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly.

Speaking with the conservative pundit last night about the recent firing of his campaign’s top official, Trump said that changes are on the horizon. While offering praise and admiration for Lewandowski, Trump made it clear that his vision was antiquated. “He’s a good guy, he’s a friend of mine, but I think it’s time now for a different kind of a campaign.”

Lewandowski’s willingness to ‘let Trump be Trump’ is what allowed for the candidate to propose racially profiling all Muslims, call for banning all Muslims from entering the country, call out token African Americans at rallies, and engage in much of the antics that have brought about immense criticism and disapproval from voters across the map.

While it is still unclear as to what kind of campaign Trump is planning to run, we can expect it to be more presidential in nature, likely less offensive to large swaths of the population, and more prepared to take on Hillary Clinton in November.

What do you think about the announcement? What is Trump planning to do with his campaign?