What do you think about Rubio pulling a complete 180 and deciding to run for reelection to the Senate?

23 June 2016   
What do you think about Rubio pulling a complete 180 and deciding to run for reelection to the Senate?

After a tough Republican primary race in which he received countless criticisms for his absence in the U.S. Senate and unwillingness to perform his duty to the people of Florida and the United States, Marco Rubio told reporters that he would be a regular citizen come November. He lambasted against the Senate, saying how much he disliked working in the congressional body, and used the fact that he was not seeking reelection to justify his absences at so many Senate votes. Now, however, in a move that has shocked pundits on both sides of the aisle and is drawing immense heat from Rubio’s staunchest critics, the Florida senator has announced that he will, in fact, be running for his Senate seat this Fall.

"I changed my mind," Rubio explained in an interview Wednesday. "I honestly believe that no matter who is elected president we're going to need a Senate full of people willing to act as a check and balance on the excesses of the next president, and I think given the state of this race we're going to have a lot of that over the next few years." In a memo to his supporters, Rubio acknowledged that his opponents will use his reversal “to score political points against” him but furthered that he wanted to perform a vital duty for the American people and was thus willing to take the criticisms.

Rubio faces two Republican primary opponents: Carlos Beruff and Todd Wilcox. It will be interesting to see how they approach Rubio’s decision, as it seems as though Rubio has a contingency plan to handle criticism regarding his reversal. However, the fact that Rubio has said over and over again how much he dislikes working in the Senate could be ammunition for his opponents that Rubio will not be able to handle effectively.

In fact, a Democratic rival for the seat, Patrick Murphy, tweeted that "Marco Rubio abandoned Florida. Unlike Rubio, I love working hard every single day for the people of Florida,” acknowledging Rubio’s vocal distaste for the position he now wishes to maintain.

What do you think about Rubio’s reversal? Will he win his seat in November?