Is Bernie Sanders getting ready to endorse Hillary?

1 July 2016   
Is Bernie Sanders getting ready to endorse Hillary?

When he first came onto the presidential election scene, Bernie Sanders did not feel as though it was necessary to take aim at rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. His message was so drastically different than hers, and his support base was so differentiated from hers, that making targeted attacks against her would have been futile. However, as the race progressed, and Sanders gained enough momentum to put up a very legitimate fight against Hillary, he and Clinton began to toss verbal jabs at one another. Hillary would criticize Sanders’ policy proposals as infeasible and simply politically impossible to implement, and Sanders would attack Clinton for her ties to Wall Street and the lack of progressivism within her campaign message.

Now that Hillary has effectively secured the Democratic nomination, Democratic leaders fear that Sanders supporters might sabotage Hillary’s campaign by not turning out to vote in November or by voting against her. However, according to Joe Biden, Sanders is preparing to come out and endorse Clinton for the White House, which would put most of those fears to rest.

In an interview with NPR’s Weekend Edition, Biden said that he’s “talked to Bernie. Bernie is going to endorse her." This has been a hotly contested matter in recent weeks, as Sanders has yet to concede the Democratic nomination to Clinton, despite the fact that she has all but formally won it.

While the details of this announcement are still unclear, and we cannot even be sure if it is verified, if Biden is right about this, it could be the deciding factor come November.

Do you think Sanders will endorse Clinton?