What do you think about Gary Johnson’s attack on Donald Trump?

5 July 2016   
What do you think about Gary Johnson’s attack on Donald Trump?

With Americans feeling disappointed and disenchanted with the main presidential candidates, there is a large opportunity for third-party candidates to step into the race and pull a significant number of votes come November. Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein have both acknowledged this and are running campaigns on the Libertarian and Green Party tickets, respectively. While Stein’s 3.9% average is not making too many headlines, Johnson’s 8% average certainly has politicos wondering how he will affect the Democratic and Republican candidates in a general election setting. In some national polls, Johnson even breaks the double-digit threshold, as his plans for small government and limited global interference appeal to a large portion of the population, especially given the other options on the ballot.

Johnson has made a name for himself on the election scene, and his very campaign is sparking calls to amend the current winner-take-all voting system and replace it with instant runoff voting, so as to give third-party candidates a more substantial role in the election and a real chance at securing seats in office. As such, Johnson is receiving quality airtime on major networks and is combatting the major candidates appropriately. This weekend, the Libertarian spoke about Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar spoke to Johnson about the presumptive Republican nominee and asked specifically about his reaction to a woman who ranted about Muslims wearing “hibeejabis” as TSA. Johnson went on to list a handful of racist remarks Trump has made since launching his presidential campaign, and then Keilar asked directly whether or not Johnson thought Trump was a racist. “Based on his statements, clearly,” he answered.

Trump will likely take a defensive approach toward Johnson in coming days, finding something with which he can attack the Libertarian candidate in response to his racism claims.

What do you think about Johnson calling Trump a racist?