Are you surprised that Trump raised over $51 million in June?

7 July 2016   
Are you surprised that Trump raised over $51 million in June?

It was only a few weeks ago when the FEC reported that Donald Trump’s campaign was almost financially under water, struggling to stay viable with a mere $1.3 million on hand as their rival, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, had closer to $43 million in the bank. Since then, it appears that Trump’s financial strategy has picked up steam, as his team was able to raise more than $51 million in June to rival Hillary’s $68.5 million raised that month.

This is, by a long shot, the most successful fundraising month on the campaign Trail for the billionaire. The bulk of the funds came in when Trump’s campaign finally began to aggressively solicit money online. And, according to The Washington Post, the donations were not centralized among a small group of political donors, as “more than 400,000 supporters made donations in June, with more than $3 million coming in just one day.”

The success in last month’s fundraising efforts has breathed new air into the fledgling campaign. “We are seeing similar levels to the level of success that Bernie Sanders was able to attract from his supporters,” said Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman.“I think that this reflects the wide level of support and interest there is out there to see Donald Trump as president.”

In line with his frequent reminders about how wealthy he is, Donald Trump contributed $3.8 million of his own capital to the campaign last month as well, meaning that the total donations for the month of June were actually above $55 million, technically speaking.

Despite this success, Hillary’s team is still far outpacing Trump. Going into July, Hillary had raised over $288 million for her campaign and had upward of $44 million on hand. Trump, on the other hand, brought in only $90 million - $50 million of which was out of his own finances.

What do you think about Trump’s latest financial update? Is this going to make a big difference in the race to the White House?