FBI agents think Lynch and Clinton struck a private deal: are you surprised?

14 July 2016   
FBI agents think Lynch and Clinton struck a private deal: are you surprised?

When FBI Director James Comey announced last week that he would not be recommending the Department of Justice press charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of an unprotected private email server in handling sensitive government materials, many felt betrayed by the system. As the Director outlined everything Clinton had done, walking through the lies she had told and discussing the extreme carelessness with which the former Secretary of State jeopardized U.S. national security, it seemed only obvious that he should have recommended charges to be pressed. However, in not doing so, Comey left many Americans to feel as though Clinton is simply too big to fail, immune from the government protocol and punishments that apply to just about everyone else. Some suspected that there must have been an inside deal between the Clintons and federal officials in order to not have charges pursued in the case. Now, FBI agents are saying that this is true.

A recent article in The New York Post reveals that many FBI agents believe Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch struck a deal in the private meeting they had while waiting for their flights to take off the day before the House Committee covering the Benghazi incident released its report. The agents note that the case was handled with different procedures than are usually enforced, scrutinized more heavily throughout the entire process. Then, one agent explained that “FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch / Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.” 

While there is no concrete evidence for this as of now, the fact that agents working under Comey would come out with this kind of information suggests widespread disapproval of his decision within the department. In fact, an individual within the Justice Department said that the decision transcends party politics, as Comey “managed to piss off right and left” by not recommending to press charges.

Do you believe that the Clintons struck a deal with Loretta Lynch over Hillary’s email case?