What do you think about Trump’s latest feud with Megyn Kelly?

27 July 2016   
What do you think about Trump’s latest feud with Megyn Kelly?

Since the very first Republican presidential debate last summer, Donald Trump and Fox News host Megyn Kelly have been at odds. Kelly backed Trump into a corner when she asked about his sexist and disparaging comments directed toward women, including calling women “fat pigs… dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” This and a series of other challenging questions from the moderator set off the feud that still lingers nearly one year later, as the now-Republican presidential nominee did not take kindly to being asked such difficult questions. Trump tweeted after the event that “Wow, Megyn Kelly really bombed tonight. People are going wild on twitter! Funny to watch.” He later made remarks about “blood coming out of her wherever,” which was Trump presumably insinuating that Megyn Kelly was menstruating, and that that would explain her being tough on him throughout the debate. Kelly responded gracefully, saying that “he was obviously upset. That's fine; he's running for president, it's not a fun business, there's gonna be ups and downs and I know he considered that [debate] a down.”

Nearly one year has passed since the first incident between these two, and smaller scuffles have come and gone between them. Now, however, a new altercation has surfaced regarding Kelly’s interpretation of Trump’s policy against ISIS. Speaking with guests on her show last night, Kelly spoke about the Republican nominee’s position on combatting Islamic State militants. She mentioned that "he's talking about, you know, bombing the oil fields, you know, so that he can decimate ISIS' money source, but then sort of reversed that later.” Her guest, Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard, followed up by saying that "it's hard to figure out exactly where Donald Trump is on a lot of these issues."

"He's been for ground troops to fight ISIS. He's been against ground troops to fight ISIS," furthered Hayes. "He uses expletives to describe what he's going to do to ISIS, and I think that gives people a sense that he's strong and would take the fight to them, but he hasn't really detailed how."

This conversation over Trump’s seemingly absent policy to fight ISIS invoked a response from Trump, who was unhappy with Megyn Kelly’s reporting. "You have no idea what my strategy on ISIS is, and neither does ISIS (a good thing). Please get your facts straight - thanks. @megynkelly," tweeted Trump.

Kelly’s segment was predicated upon the fact that she doesn’t know Trump’s policy on ISIS because he hasn’t discussed its details with the American people. Trump’s tweet seems to corroborate the sentiment of Kelly’s piece rather than make her look foolish.

Should Megyn Kelly decide to respond, this could set off another major feud between her and Trump, however there is no indication as of yet that she plans to do so.

What do you think about Trump’s latest remarks toward Megyn Kelly?