Will Trump back out of debating Hillary Clinton?

1 August 2016   
Will Trump back out of debating Hillary Clinton?

As Trump’s campaign picked up steam and eventually cleared the Republican field of all opponents in the primary race, many of those who were disappointed with the result were at least content with knowing how entertaining the general election presidential debates would be this year. Of course, this is not to make light of Trump’s bigotry and absurdity, but rather, as most legitimate pollsters have placed Trump’s chances at winning in November far below Hillary’s, we can appreciate the comic nature of the upcoming Trump v. Hillary debates as opposed to fearing that Trump might step into the Oval Office. However, it now appears that Trump is making an attempt at skipping the debates altogether, as he did toward the end of his primary bid.

Trump took to Twitter Friday night to criticize the planning committee in charge of the debate schedule. “As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games. Same as last time w/ Bernie. Unacceptable!” It’s crucial to note that the Democrats do not decide the debate schedule, as the Commission on Presidential Debates – co-chaired by a Democratically-inclined individual and one with Republican roots – coordinates the debates. Additionally, the dates were announced last fall, prior to Trump or Hillary securing their respective parties’ nominations for president.

Now, with that being said, Trump’s complaint appears relatively unfounded. We must then question, “why is he bringing this up, given that it is simply untrue?” Some speculate that Trump is setting himself up to skip any debates with Hillary under the premise that the Democrats, in some fashion or another, rigged the schedule and created unfair or unappealing circumstances for Trump. If he paints a picture of corruption and lies within the debate planning activities, it becomes easier for him to say he won’t debate Hillary. And, seeing that Hillary has substantially more policy experience as well as debate experience in the political realm, this might actually be a legitimate concern for Trump’s team, fearful that they will lose supporters once their candidate opens his mouth on a stage with the former Secretary of State.

Do you think Trump is preparing to cancel his debates with Clinton?