Are you shocked that Trump is leading Clinton in the latest major poll?

6 September 2016   
Are you shocked that Trump is leading Clinton in the latest major poll?

As new revelations regarding potentially rampant corruption within Hillary Clinton’s State Department continue to surface – with even more on the horizon – it appears that her poll numbers are taking a major hit. Within the past several weeks, it has become clear that the Clinton Foundation and the State Department were not as separate from one another as they legally needed to be. According to the New York Times editorial board, "... The emails and previous reporting suggest Mr.Trump has reason to say that while Mrs. Clinton was secretary, it was hard to tell where the foundation ended and the State Department began." The Associated Press reported that more than one half of the non-governmental individuals who were able to meet with Clinton throughout a portion of her tenure were major donors to the Clinton Foundation. What has become known as the “pay to play” scandal under Hillary’s watch is wreaking havoc on her presidential chances, as indicated by the latest CNN/ORC poll.

In this most recent survey, Trump leads Clinton by two percentage points in a four-way race with Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. This 45-43 split suggests that the race may not be as much of a landslide for Hillary as the media has depicted since Trump secured the Republican nomination earlier this summer. In fact, this two-point lead for Trump is a marked transition from Clinton’s nearly eight-point lead back in the beginning of August.

Additionally, the RealClearPolitics average of the most recent and respected national polls finds that Clinton’s lead has shrunk from seven points at the beginning of August to a mere 2.4 points now. And as pundits look toward key battleground states like Florida and Ohio, Clinton’s lead in major swing states has also shrunk in recent weeks. According to Fox News, “in Florida, two recent polls gave Trump a slight edge over the Democratic nominee, after polls throughout August had given Clinton a 5-9 point lead in the Sunshine State.”

With 62 days until Election Day, these polls are certainly subject to change. As Trump’s campaign team addresses their recent softening on immigration policies, and the Clinton camp handles accusations of corruption and mishandling of classified materials, the race is truly up for grabs.

Are you shocked that Trump has taken the lead over Clinton in the latest polling?