Has Trump been lying about the audit that is keeping him from releasing his tax returns?

8 September 2016   
Has Trump been lying about the audit that is keeping him from releasing his tax returns?

"Just so you understand I'm under audit. A routine audit. And when the audit's complete I'll release my return," said Donald Trump earlier this week. Calls for Donald Trump to release his tax returns have transcended political divides, bringing Republicans and Democrats alike to urge the bombastic real estate mogul to show the nation these crucial documents. "Equipping voters with more, not less, information as they pick those who run for the highest offices in our land seems, to me, a reasonable requirement for anyone aspiring to those positions," wrote Mark Sanford, a Republican Representative from South Carolina.

If Trump does not release his returns, he would be the first presidential candidate in more than four decades to not do so. And, while some of Trump’s supporters appreciate the fact that their candidate does things a little differently and does not feel compelled to play by the standard political rules, as many as 64% of Americans believe that Trump should release his taxes, and 41% of registered Republicans share the sentiment. It’s clear that Trump needs to release his tax information, which then forces the question: why isn’t he doing so?

According to Trump and his campaign, he is awaiting an audit from the IRS and will release his returns following its completion. However, the IRS poked a major hole in this claim, as they clarified that there is no law preventing Trump from releasing his taxes.

Conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly even pointed out this vital piece of information to Trump in an interview this week. “People say you can do it while being audited.”

“Nobody would recommend that,” replied the Republican nominee. He then shifted the conversation into the offensive, seizing an opportunity to attack his Democratic rival. “In the meantime, she has 33,000 emails that she deleted. When is she going to release her emails? She probably knows how to find it. Let her release her emails and I will release my tax returns immediately.”

Wait, did he say “immediately”? Trump effectively admitted that the audit is not actually preventing him from releasing his tax documents. What’s more is the fact that the IRS has confirmed that there is no audit on Donald’s taxes from 2008 or earlier. As such, the candidate could very easily release his income information from any of the years prior to 2009, yet he is choosing not to do so.

Understandably, this is pushing voters and analysts to wonder what he may be hiding. Is he not actually worth as much as he claims to be? Is he cheating the American system in the same way in which he accuses illegal immigrants of doing so?

Why do you think Donald is holding back on his tax returns?