Is Megyn Kelly right to condemn Trump for only taking easy interviews?

6 October 2016   
Is Megyn Kelly right to condemn Trump for only taking easy interviews?

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have not exactly had the most congenial relationship with one another. For one, Trump fired rhetorical shots at Kelly following her moderation of the first Republican presidential debate last year, accusing her of unfair questions and attributing her demeanor toward him to menstruation. He has, on numerous occasions, criticized her reporting style and has questioned her journalistic credentials. While Megyn Kelly has remained professional throughout the entire campaign, refusing to respond to Trump with the petulant vitriol that has been so defining of the billionaire’s run for the White House, she has certainly criticized the Republican candidate.

In her most recent claims, Kelly took a stab at Trump for refusing to take challenging interviews with credible journalists. “Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10:00, will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn’t exactly expand the tent,” she explained. CNN Money has confirmed this statement, claiming that “in recent months the GOP nominee has avoided most other TV journalists, preferring to speak with a select group of Fox News interviewers who have opinion shows on the channel.”

Kelly also criticized Hillary Clinton for not taking hard-hitting interviews as well, yet the focus has been primarily centered around her remarks about Trump and her colleague, Sean Hannity. 

Hannity is an adamant Trump supporter, tossing the candidate soft-ball questions in interviews and allowing him to get away with nonsensical answers and statements to which other journalists would certainly take offense and push back. As such, Kelly is frustrated with Trump’s unwillingness to answer questions that may be more nuanced than those offered by Hannity or those that may place the candidate in a position of discomfort. She, at one point, joked that, following Trump’s discussion with Hannity, the candidate would take questions from “journalists,” insinuating that Hannity does not fall into that category, given the questions he chooses to pose for Mr. Trump.

Hannity fired back on Twitter, accusing Kelly of being a Clinton supporter, which, given the history of her relationship with Trump, should not really come as a surprise to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Kelly claims to be an Independent, however, and has not responded to Hannity in a public setting.

Do you think Megyn Kelly is right for criticizing Trump’s unwillingness to take difficult interviews?