Are you shocked that Giuliani’s daughter has said that she will vote for Clinton?

7 October 2016   
Are you shocked that Giuliani’s daughter has said that she will vote for Clinton?

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York Mayor, has been an adamant Trump supporter throughout the entire presidential race. He has vocalized his backing of Trump’s staunch anti-immigration platform and has most recently defended the candidate’s stance on his own ability to not pay federal income taxes for nearly 20 years. When Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton called out Trump for this practice, Trump explained that it was smart business acumen, and not contempt for the United States, that motivated his questionable financial move. This received tremendous backlash and invoked even more divisiveness in the already divisive campaign. Giuliani defended the move in a recent interview, corroborating what Trump had already said. "The reality is, this is part of our tax code. The man's a genius. He knows how to operate the tax code to the benefit of the people he's serving," he explained.

With such unwavering support for Trump’s candidacy, Giuliani might be surprised to find that his very own daughter adamantly supports Trump’s opponent. Caroline Giuliani has made her support for Clinton very public on social media, using the Hillary campaign’s “H” filter for her profile picture to tell her friends that she’s “with her.” She posted on the night of the first presidential debate that she was cheering for Hillary.

When asked about the matter, seeing that the media was surprised, given her father’s firebrand support for Trump, Caroline indicated that she has been a Hillary supporter all along. "I love Hillary, I think she's by far the most qualified candidate that we've had in a long while.” When asked as to whether or not her father would be disappointed with such a decision, she indicated that her father already knew and was content with her making independent political decisions. "My dad knows. I was for Barack in 2012. He knows and is fully comfortable with it and thinks I have a right to my opinion." 

What’s perhaps even more interesting is that Caroline is not the only person close to Rudy Giuliani who has split from the former New York Mayor and decided to toss support behind Hillary. Many of his top aides have done the same and have expressed concern for the former mayor’s embrace of Trump’s bombastic tone and deliberately hurtful stance toward immigrants and minority groups.

The fact that Trump’s most vocal supporter cannot even convince his own daughter that Trump is the more qualified candidate in the race really says something about the nature of Trump’s campaign.

What do you think about Caroline Giuliani’s support for Hillary?